You can start every celebration out with the right simple appetizers

Many of these recipes for simple appetizers come from food day at work. My department would have a food day at least once a month for birthdays, holidays, someone leaving, a new hire or just because. We really didn't need a was fun and everyone got lunch. Sometimes there was so much food that it would carry over to the next day. I would go home that day with at least 10 recipes. It was fun to fix the dish myself and share it at the next party or prepare it for the family.

Serving a Few Appetizers is a

Warm Welcome to your Home

Some are great to welcome guests to an elegant dinner party with impressive starters. Try out some easy appetizers for a more impromptu carefree get-together like watching a football game with some Dip Recipes, snacks and finger food recipes.

You can call them hors d’oeuvre's or finger food, but whatever you call them, I love them all.

We like to welcome our guests
to our home and get some conversation going over a light bite to eat and glass of wine. Especially if your guests are unfamiliar with each other,
what a great icebreaker.

Family Game Night

Some nights I like to just make 4 or 5 party appetizers for family game night. Picking the right mix makes it dinner and you won't have to interrupt the fun at the game table. Just prepare all the treats ahead of time and enjoy the food and fun.

Find appetizer ideas here in my collection of finger food recipes, spreads and dip recipes.

Hot Finger Food, Dips and Spreads
Artichoke Spinach Dip
Artichoke Squares
BBQ Chicken Wings
Baked Stuffed Mushrooms
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Chicken Strips
Guacamole Dip
Hot Chicken Dip
Louisiana Pork Riblets
Pizza Roll Ups
Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

Cold Finger Food, Dips and Spreads
Cajun Shrimp
Homemade Hummus
Cheesy Crackers
Corn Bean Dip
Mexican Layer Dip
Party Cheeseball
Salmon Lox
Stuffed Eggs
Tapenade with Calamata Olives
Tortilla Pinwheels
Veggie Pizza

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